2 Extortionist Girls Bound Defaulter

Tenjou has debts with dangerous people, and a few months ago the installment was overdue and she owes a lot of interest, but she lives calmly thinking that nothing will happen to her. She is at home listening to music when Shey and Dihami, two extortionist girls, invade her home, grab her, put a mask on her head and take her away in seconds.

The two girls take Tenjou to a punishment room, she doesn’t know where she is and what is still going on, Dihami takes ropes and ties Tenjou’s arms and hands, while Shey grabs her and tells her that she has made a big mistake by not paying her debt and now she will have a deserved punishment. Dihami finishes tying Tenjou, Shey, takes a piece of handkerchief and stuffs it in Tenjou’s mouth and with compressive tape gags her making a tight wrap gag, she prefers not to have to listen to her victim complaining and crying. Shey takes a roll of film, and as if it were a package, mummifies Tenjou’s body, tight so that she can’t move a millimeter. Tenjou makes mmmmphhh, but they don’t understand her, the girls are so pathetic, Dihami with several ropes, suspends her completely horizontally, as if she were a swing, Tenjou is suspended as if she were gravity 0, Shey keeps insulting her, she tells her that she will be a few days until she pays the total of her debt. To have some fun, Shey and Dihami whip Tenjou’s feet and ass with a stick and a whip, they like to humiliate their victims.

The punishment has just begun, but before leaving, Shey wraps tape around Tenjou’s eyes and puts headphones with hardcore music, now she can’t see, speak or hear anything. The two extortionist girls leave and leave Tenjou there suspended, they will be back in a few hours or maybe days. Their method is 100% guaranteed, they always pay their debts…


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