2 Naughty Girls Facesitting their Burglar

Roommates Lex and Persephone are on the couch talking and resting, both are fully dressed in leather and boots. A clueless burglar breaks into their house, he really wanted to break into his neighbor’s house, but he has the wrong door, by bad luck Lex and Persefone capture him, both girls hold him down and unmask him, he is a scumbag. Lex takes a roll of film and mummifies the thief completely with it, then with tape he gags him and also wraps him whole, from mouth to feet. The roommates decide that instead of calling the police, this thief will become their new sex toy for a long time, days months or years.

Jack can’t escape, he is lying on the floor completely tied up like a mummy. Lex and Persefone, humiliating him, sit on his face doing hard facesitting with their sexy tight leather pants while humiliating him, stepping on him and crushing him.

Then both girls take off their leather clothes and stay in even sexier lingerie. They go back to facesitting the burglar, pressing their asses and pussies up against his nose, they laugh at him and use him as a couch while they decide where to go for dinner that night. They do several scissor positions and facesitting on the poor thief who might have preferred the dungeon.

The naughty girls have already decided where to go for dinner, they get dressed again and leave the thief tied up in their living room, he cannot move or escape, nor can he ask for help. The girls will follow him when they return from dinner. Jack has a long sentence left with these two naughty girls.


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