2 Sexy Dominatrixes Humiliate Hacker

Lex and Mistress Boo are two dominatrixes who make erotic content, Jack Panda has been pirating their content on the internet for some time, they have located him and now they go for him.

They knock on the door, Jack opens it and immediately Lex throws herself on top of him, she grabs him by the neck and covers his mouth with her hand, Boo closes the door, they take him to the living room, there between the two girls they tie Jack with adhesive tape while they insult him, Jack tries to dissimulate as if he doesn’t know anything about what they are talking about, but it is useless, the girls know that he is guilty. They tie his arms and hands tightly, then his legs, hogtied and gagged. When they have the idiot Jack tied up, they spit on him and humiliate him, they step on him with the heel of their boots, they enjoy stepping on that worm. Both dominatrixes stand aside and make Jack crawl on the floor to kiss their boots while he begs for forgiveness, he crawls on the floor to kiss the boots of those two goddesses.

Jack deserves more punishment, the dominas take off their boots and force Jack to lick their bare feet, soles and toes, one puts the whole foot in his mouth and the other girl pushes his head so he has to eat them. They spend several minutes punishing him and choking him with her precious feet.

Finally the girls, to finish, gag Jack with some dirty socks and compressive tape, they tie Jack with more tape to a chair, they use a lot of tape, so Jack doesn’t even have the chance to escape from that chair, he will be tied for many hours or maybe even days, Boo gags him again with adhesive tape, making one of the tightest wrap gag of Bondage kitties, Jack can barely hold that wrap gag, he is well fucked, they have given him thousands of turns. The two dominatrixes leave his house, Jack already knows what will happen to him if he uploads a single video of them again…


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