Crazy night, Kisses and Ropes

After a date, Tenjou and Dolly Darko have made a match tonight, they go to Tenjou’s house to finish the night. While kissing non-stop, they enter Tenjou’s game room, undress (underwear), and kiss each other. Tenjou proposes to Dolly to tie her up, she accepts, Tenjou ties her hands and arms behind her back, then he pulls her up and ties her to the bamboo to hold her up, Dolly is the first time she experiences this, she is nervous but the ropes make her very horny. Tenjou gags her with a ring gag, so that she can open her mouth but Dolly can stick out her sexy forked tongue, he continues to tie her legs in western, thighs, knees and ankles.

Once he has her bound, Tenjou has total control over Dolly, she starts to play with tongue and kisses, they kiss constantly they are very sexy kisses, Tenjou gives her some hand slaps on Dolly’s ass cheeks. Tenjou takes out a powerful vibrator, changes her ring gag for a ballgag and puts a blindfold on her so she can’t see anything.

With the vibrator she starts playing on Dolly’s body while kissing her, when she sees that Dolly is about to reach orgasm, she stops playing with her by removing the vibrator, and then comes back, playing with the orgasm control, Dolly can’t do anything, her arousal is getting higher and higher and she sees how she can’t finish climaxing.

Finally Tenjou is naughty, she ties the vibrator with ropes in Dolly’s pussy (not explicit), leaves it on and walks away, leaving Dolly bound, gagged and sightless as she has orgasm after orgasm…..What a first date.


24 min / 1 GB

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