Dom Isis plays with a mummified idiot

Isis and Jack have the worst date of their lives, Jack wants to fuck Isis but sees that this date will be a failure, Isis goes to the bathroom, while Jack decides to use the strategy of “The naked man”, he stays in his underwear and waits for Isis stretched out on the couch.

Isis arrives and sees Jack almost naked, another idiot guy she thinks of, but instead of throwing him out of the house, she thinks about how to humiliate him and punish that idiot. She invites him to her room, the fool Jack thinks he has triumphed, Isis follows his lead, she insinuates herself and ties his hands with duct tape, then ties his arms on his chest in mummy position, Jack who wanted to have more control and touch Isis sees that it will not be so, he insists on playing otherwise, but it’s too late, Isis is in control, Jack is tied up and can’t do anything, Isis takes off her socks, puts them in Jack’s mouth and gags him very hard, with many turns, then she covers Jack’s eyes and tapes his whole head except his nose, Isis almost uses a whole roll of tape just for Jack’s head.

Isis continues to mummify Jack’s whole body while laughing at him and his failure, – did you think we were going to fuck, you idiot. When she has him almost mummified, she takes a powerful vibrator and straps it on Jack’s cock, she puts it on high power, Jack can do nothing but feel the pleasure of the vibrator and say mmmmmphhhhhgh… Isis keeps having fun with him, she puts her feet on his nose and controls his breathing, – smell my feet… she also facesitting him, Jack can barely breathe, only smells Isis’s ass.

She after several minutes playing with the mummified Jack, wants even more, she puts on some headphones with loud music, so that Jack’s senses are completely isolated, he can’t see, hear or speak, only breathe if Isis allows it.

When Isis gets tired after a few minutes of play and humiliation, she leaves Jack in the room, Jack is totally restrained, he feels the powerful vibrator on his cock, cumming time after time from the pleasure, while he doesn’t know what is going on around him. Will it finally be the best date of his life?.


33 min /  2,8 GB

18,15 $