Girl hogtied with pantyhose by girl

Aly is a journalist investigating a case, she is sure that Lex is a criminal and enters her house to find evidence. She has the bad luck that at that moment Lex enters the house, she hides, but Lex quickly realizes that someone is snooping in her house. He prepares some stockings to tie up the intruder, he finds her and pushes her against the bed, with his legs and strength he sits on top of her arms, Aly screams in desperation – please let me go, Lex won’t do that, he puts a stocking in her mouth and gags her with another stocking over the top tying her on the head, He takes another stocking and ties her hands behind her back while Aly tries to escape somehow, but Lex is much stronger than her, he strappadoes her with several stockings and ties her arms tightly behind her, Aly can only mmmmmmmpgpggggghhhhhhh, Lex keeps tying her feet and legs with more stockings, tight. Finally he takes a bigger stocking and pulls it over Aly’s head, it covers her whole face and ties it next to her ankles to make a nice hogtied stocking hogtied.

Aly can’t do anything anymore, she’s his new victim, Lex is going to really enjoy her, you can see it on his face…



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