Girl tied in chair and multi-gagged by stepsister

Tenjou is the little step-sister of a family, her parents have gone on vacation and her older stepsister Lex and she are left alone at home, Lex does whatever she wants, she brings friends and parties non-stop, she messes and messes up, Tenjou tells her step-mother everything she does, Lex catches her doing it and gets very angry, she is tired of her stepsister always telling everything to her step-mother. Lex decides to give her little stepsister a punishment.

He takes several ropes they have at home and uses them to tie Tenjou’s hands behind her back before she can call her step-mother again, he ties her hands also to the chair, he ties her chest against the chair, with many turns of rope, so that she stays seated without moving, he takes Tenjou’s socks off and puts them in her mouth, well inside, with a handkerchief he gags her in cleavegag so she can’t take the socks out of her mouth no matter how much she pushes with her tongue. He continues to tie her with western style binds her knees and finally her ankles, with the rope left over from her ankles, he ties her back tightly to the back of the chair, making a hogtied.Tenjou cannot escape from there it is impossible, Lex has tied her step-sister too tightly.

While he teaches his stepsister a lesson, Lex takes now very strong pvc adhesive tape, gags Tenjou again with several turns, making a wrapgag, then with more tape, he finishes tying Tenjou on the chair, to restrain her even more.

Lex wants to punish her more for snitching, and that she doesn’t release anything from that mouth, he takes pink compressive tape, and gags Tenjou again with another wrapgag even tighter, when he thinks he has enough, with another handkerchief, he covers all the gags making an OTM.

Lex has already taught her step-sister a good lesson, that’s what she gets for not keeping quiet, Tenjou will be punished for a few hours and tied in that chair without being able to say anything.



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