Lex enslaved by her roommates

Aisha, Lex and Tenjou, three roommates, are having problems because one of them does not pay the rent to the landlord, they sit down to talk to end this situation. Lex confesses that she is the one who doesn’t pay because she spends it on other whims, her part and Tenjou’s part, who gives her the money to pay it. They can’t throw her out because she has a contract that protects her, so they decide that if she doesn’t pay they will have to compensate her somehow, they propose her to be their slave, Lex accepts not very convinced, even so she lets herself be tied by Aisha and Tenjou, who tie her hands behind her and her chest together with her arms, then they tie each leg, Lex is totally bound and enslaved, she can’t do anything, the first task of her partners is to enjoy her, so while Aisha makes Lex lick her feet, Tenjou who is a foot fetishist and loves big feet, licks Lex’s feet.

Lex seems annoyed by this first task as a slave and her partners laugh at her, Aisha demands her to lick her feet well and Tenjou enjoys licking every part and toe of Lex’s feet.

Finally when they have enough, they gag her with a rope and leave her there waiting for another task… What a long month Lex is going to have.



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