Paying rent or punishment?

Persefone has been months without paying the rent, she seems very calm as she is in her room doing some stretching exercises in lingerie. Her partners Dihami and Tenjou think differently, they know that this is a punishment, if you can’t pay with money, you will have to pay with an exciting punishment. Dihami ties Persefone with ropes while Tenjou gags her with a ballgag, Persefone seems to enjoy her punishment, as if she had been wanting it for a long time and had provoked it, her partners tie her with a lot of rope, half suspend her and tie her legs together in futomoms so that she can only rest her knees on the floor.

Persefone knows that her punishment is going to be to let her partners do whatever they want with her, once they have her tightly bound, Tenjou takes off her ballgag and starts to kiss her with tongue while Dihami licks her beautiful feet, Persefone starts to get very horny and her partners are horny too, Dihami takes a vibrator and with high power starts rubbing it on Persefone’s pussy (with panties, not naked), just what she needed to get even more aroused, she can barely moan as Tenjou doesn’t even let her breathe with so many kisses with his tongue. Persefone moans, but Dihami who is naughty, takes away the vibrator every time she sees that Persefone can reach orgasm, ruining it, in the end that is a punishment.

When the partners after several minutes ruining Persefone’s orgasm, decide that it is enough for today, they tie Persefone standing up and there alone she was going to stay, but Dihami knows that Tenjou is also excited by bondage and being tied up, so she decides to tie Tenjou also with ropes, Tenjou slyly lets herself be tied up, Dihami ties her two partners together standing up, back to back, with lots of rope, so they can not escape and become unbalanced if any of them decides to move too much. She removes their ballgag and puts a large sponge inside their mouths, then with duct tape finishes gagging them. Dihami goes to read in another room and says goodbye to her companions who look like they will spend a few hours together tied up and unable to move… Would you like to be punished like this?


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