Tenjou mesmerized and tied up by the beautiful Lex

Lex and Tenjou have a first date at Lex’s house, while they get to know each other, Lex can’t resist to talk about her gift, mesmerize, Tenjou laughs because she doesn’t believe in these things, so Lex taking advantage of Tenjou’s innocence, offers her to try the challenge of mesmerized her, Tenjou accepts.

Lex takes the cup and with a spoon begins to give small blows while he talks, Tenjou notices that with each blow and with the words of Lex his body relaxes and begins to lose control slowly, Lex knows that he is about to release the final blow, Tenjou has completely lost control of his body, his conscience is aware of everything that happens, but his body does not respond to his stimuli, he can not do anything but watch what happens around him.

Lex gives her a test, he asks her to take off her shoes and Tenjou unenthusiastically takes off her shoes. Tenjou is totally submissive to Lex.

Lex goes to get his ropes and starts to slowly tie Tenjou’s hands and arms very tight and tense. Not only is Tenjou not in control, but she is also tied up. Lex gives her a nice strappado, then orders her to stretch out on the floor, to tie her thighs, legs and feet, once she is lying down, he ties her ankles together with her hands, making a tight hogtied. Although Tenjou can do nothing, he feels each tension of the rope as it tightens and compresses his body more and more. Lex grabs her head and ties her hair around her ankles to create more tension in Tenjou’s body, he enjoys watching his victims suffer and squirm.

When he finishes tying her up, he orders her to wake up to the spoon stroke, Tenjou regains control of her body, but she is now fully bound and with every movement, the ropes get tighter. She starts to scream, but Lex is ready, it’s not the first time she’s done this, he grabs a ballgag and gags her.

Lex only has to do what he likes the most, watch his victims writhing on the floor, unable to do anything, he loves to watch how they struggle with the ropes all night long…



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