Two sexy girls take revenge on foot pervert boy

Aly and Tenjou, two sexy young women, are tied up and held by the pervert Jack, they are bound with duct tape hands and feet and barefoot. Jack arrives to worship their feet while they can do nothing, he licks and sniffs each of their feet. When he finishes, he leaves them alone, at that moment Tenjou and Aly take the opportunity to get loose by helping each other, instead of running away, they prefer to take revenge.

The two wait for Jack to come back, they prepare the duct tape and the ballgag, when Jack appears in the living room, the two girls attack him, they take off his shirt and throw him to the floor to hold him, while Aly holds his hands, Tenjou ties him as she can, tying his arms and wrists together, she has to be very fast, while ALy holds Jack while putting a foot in his mouth so he can’t scream, Tenjou quickly ties Jack’s two arms and hands. They take off his pants and also tie his legs as well as his arms, joining the ankles with the thigh, tight and strong so that this pervert can’t escape.

Now they have Jack where they want him, now the revenge begins, they take a ballgag and gag him, they put a collar on him and make him walk like a dogg to the next room, Jack barely has balance and it is hard for him because of the ties that prevent him from moving.

In the room, they make Jack lie down on the floor, and remove the ballgag, – now you are going to eat our feet. The two of them put his feet in his mouth, almost without letting him breathe, they make him lick his soles and whole feet, toes, everything, they punish and humiliate him by stepping on his face, making him smell his feet… Then they sit in front of his face, they reinstate Jack so that he continues with his punishment of licking feet while they laugh at him and humiliate him.

Finally, when they get tired, they gag him again with the ballgag, they say goodbye to him, they will come back later or some other day… they leave Jack tied up on the floor unable to move, but this time he has no one to help him escape…



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