Victim needs Liam Neeson

Tenjou is finishing her vacations in Barcelona, she has stayed in Aisha’s apartment for a few days, when she is already gathering her things to return to her city, Aisha invades her space entering the room with ropes, Tenjou does not understand anything, but before she can react, Aisha pushes her on the bed, sits on top of her and quickly ties her hands behind her back, she is very skilled, you can tell she has experience doing this.

Aisha is busy capturing tourists for some friends… Tenjou is a new victim.

Aisha keeps tying Tenjou’s arms, making her a strong strappado, Tenjou tries to complain, she offers her money, but it’s useless, Aisha gags her with a ballgag to stop her from talking.  With more rope, she ties her feet together and her legs up to her knees.  She has already tied her limbs, it is impossible for her to escape, but Aisha doesn’t want unnecessary risks, so to make sure Tenjou won’t try anything, with more rope she makes many anchors on the bed. She ties her hands to one end of the bed, her feet to the other end, causing Tenjou’s body to twist slightly to make it annoying. then her hair is tied to the other end, her waist to each side of the bed, so she won’t twist.

Tenjou is totally hogtied and restrained on the bed, she can’t move, she tries uselessly to do something, but she can only do mmmmphhh and for a miracle to help her… Will that miracle be Liam Neeson ?



16 min / 1,5 GB

12,10 $