The scent of revenge

Lex’s girlfriend, Tenjou, and Lex’s best friend, Lola, are taking advantage of Lex’s absence to fuck, so far it has always worked out well, Lex has not discovered them, until today…

While Tenjou is in the shower, Lex enters his house, he returns from the work trip a day earlier than expected, when he enters his room, he finds his best friend, Lola, in lingerie, Lex gets angry, asks for explanations, he knows that the only reason is because he has an affair with his girlfriend Tenjou, Lola does not know what to do or what to say, She doesn’t know how to escape from this situation, Lex takes the ropes he has in his closet, and quickly gets on top of Lola so that she can’t move, Lex is 180 cm tall and has a lot of strength, Lola can do almost nothing, Lex ties one hand to one end of the bed, Lola can only insult her and little more, Lex ties the other hand to the other end of the bed. Lola tries uselessly to ask Tenjou for help, Lex takes out one of his ballgags and gags her, she can no longer scream or hear anyone, he leaves it tight in her mouth so that it hurts and drools. Finally he ties each of Lola’s ankles to each end of the bed, Lola is face down gagged and cross tied on the bed, Lex waits for Tenjou to come out of the shower.

When Tenjou enters the room thinking she will fuck Lola again, she finds her in a different scenario, then Lex grabs her and asks for explanations, Lex grabs Tenjou’s hands, pushes her against the bed and ties her hands behind her very fast and tight, he orders her to get on the bed and put her face in Lola’s ass, Lex gags Tenjou with another ballgag and makes her smell Lola’s ass, he wants to make sure that his ex-girlfriend spends the night like this, stuck to her traitor friend’s ass, he takes another rope and ties Tenjou’s ankles together with her hands and arms, making a strong hogtied impossible to untie.

Lex has taken his revenge, Lola and Tenjou will spend at least the night tied in bed and Tenjou smelling all night the ass of his lover Lola



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