Burglar captured and tied by Lex

Silver is a burglar who breaks into young Lex’s house, she just arrives home, realizes that there is someone in her room, so she goes to get the ropes and gag. She enters the room and throws Silver against the bed, gets on top of her and ties her wrists behind her back and places the gag on her, then ties her ankles, Silver didn’t expect it was going to end her burglary like this, her being caught.  Lex taunts her for a while and then leaves the room to check if anything has been stolen. He returns after a minute and unties Silver’s ankles so she can walk. Lex takes her to the dining room, but on the way, the thieving Silver tries to resist, Lex has to push her against the wall for a while to control her. When they reach the dining room, a chair awaits Silver to tie her up more securely.  Lex ties the thief with a lot of rope, he ties her chest and thighs against the chair, then with a very tight rope he ties her ankles together, with his hands behind the chair, making a very tight hogtied, Silver is super tight against the chair, she can barely move. After tying her in the chair, Lex takes a handkerchief in her mouth, over the gag, so that Silver doesn’t try to make any kind of noise and is totally gagged and no one can hear her.  Lex makes fun of her, warns her that her is going to call the police to come and get her, while he leaves her struggling against the ropes, Silver has nothing to do against this tie, she is totally captured.


17 min / 1,2 GB

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