Girl tied, gagged and tickling by Lex

Olivia Blade appears tied up in lingerie on the bed at Lex’s house, after a crazy night of partying, she met Lex at night and went to his house to spend the night. Lex shows up on the scene with ropes and a gag. Olivia doesn’t know what’s going on, only that lex feels like playing and she doesn’t know what to, before she asks him to untie her, Lex gags her with a ballgag in her mouth and ties her feet to each end of the bed so they are wide open. Now the tickle fest begins, Lex starts tickling Olivia’s ribs and feet, Olivia has those very sensitive areas and hates tickling but Lex really titillates and enjoys it and is a tickling specialist. She will tickle for almost 15 minutes of suffering for Olivia who will beg for mercy, but will Lex listen to her? You never know what can happen at a stranger’s house.

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