Bondage University Residence

Yana and Lex are two university classmates who live together, the two are friends but they are always arguing and fighting with each other. On this occasion Lex has copied Yana’s final project to hand it in as if it were his own, Yana finds out and decides to take revenge. While Lex is on the sofa in the room with her pajamas and panties, Yana enters to ask for explanations, Lex keeps giving her excuses, Yana knew that she would act like this, that’s why she has flanges in her trouser pockets, when she has the chance she grabs Lex and pushes her against the floor, Yana is smaller than Lex but she is very strong and does jujitsu, she wears big boots to put herself at Lex’s height and make it easier to push him.

Yana takes Lex’s hands and ties them with a bridle behind his back, Lex starts to insult her, Yana has to put a solution to that, so she takes a pair of used socks that they don’t know who they belong to and how long they have been dirty and puts them in Lex’s mouth, deep inside, pushing them with her hands, then she takes some tape and wraps them tightly, making a big wrapgag in Lex’s mouth, she can only hear him say mmmmmmffmppppphh.

Yana starts tying his arms with lots of zip ties, to make sure he can’t escape in any way, she loves putting zip ties on and the noise they make as they tighten and tighten. She also puts them on his legs, thighs, knees and ankles, Lex is still futilely struggling and moaning as he savours the sock of his gag.

Once he’s finished putting the bracelets all over Lex’s body, he bridles Lex’s ankles together with his hands, hogtied him.

It’s time to have some fun says Yana, she is still very angry about her job so she takes off her trousers and stays in her thong, she stretches out in front of Lex and puts her ass in front of his face, Lex as he is hogtied, he has no choice but to have his head in Yana’s ass, smelling it all the time without being able to help it, Yana laughs as she wiggles her ass and plays with Lex.

The school year has just started and the university residence is going to be a long one for these two young women


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