The worst massage of my life

Jack goes to a massage center where he is received by Lex, she accompanies him to the room, where she asks him to take off his clothes and make himself comfortable. In the next scene, Jack already lying down, Lex enters, to give the massage to his client, – have you tried the new rope therapy? – Lex asks him, Jack agrees to try it, she starts tying Jack’s hands behind his back, he feels that something is not right, that massage is not normal, he tries to leave, but Lex doesn’t let him, she keeps tying him, Jack tries to escape but he is already in Lex’s hands, she gags him with a bamboo gag and ties him semi-suspended to a bamboo, she hogtied his legs with futos, making him only able to rest his knees on the ground. – You’re already mine, you swindling pig, remember me? – Lex asks Jack…

This is about settling a score from the past and it looks like Jack is going to suffer a bit from that rope and bamboo massage.



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