2 Cowgirls Tied by the Best Cowgirl

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This is the second part of Sexy Cowgirl Hogtied by Bad Cowgirl

In this story, Tenjou seeks revenge on Isis, her cowgirl roommate, she asks for help from her other roommate and also cowgirl Aly, who offers herself since she is envious and wants to fuck him. They both plan to tie Isis up and fuck her, Tenjou tells her that she will attack first and when she gives the signal Aly comes in to help her, she tells her to hide in the bathroom.

Tenjou attacks Isis, they fight each other, Tenjou sees she is losing the fight and calls Aly, but she is distracted in the bathroom mirror, Isis ties Tenjou with a lot of rope, western bondage style and gags her with a scarf in cleave gag. Tenjou is again victimized by Isis, who sees how Aly doesn’t help her and Isis ties her with more and more ropes. When Aly appears in action, she sees Tenjou already tied up, Isis attacks her and like her roommate Tenjou, she also ties her with a lot of rope, Aly tries to fight but it is useless, she has lost the fight, Isis ties Aly with a lot of rope in western bondage style and also gags her in cleave gag with a scarf.

Isis already has both partners tied up and humiliated, watching them squirm against the ropes, they are pathetic. Isis decides to sit them on chairs, back to back and ties them with more ropes, netting their bodies and tying them together, so they can’t move from their chairs.

Finally Isis proves again that she is the best cowgirl and the most skillful with ropes, she goes to the street and leaves her companions tied and gagged. Aly and Tenjou are retorted by the chair without being able to do anything, they have lost another duel.


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