Sexy Cowgirl Hogtied by Bad Cowgirl

Tenjou, a young cowboy is getting ready to go to her favorite country concert, she has been looking forward to it for months, tickets have been sold out for months, but the big day has arrived, she puts on her boots and cowboy outfit, takes her ticket and puts it in her nice hat. At that moment enters Isis, a supposed friend of hers who knows she has a ticket, she wants to go too, but Isis was unable to get the ticket, so her intention is to tie and steal it from Tenjou. Isis is also dressed as a cowboy, with her boots and hat and a bandana scarf that covers all her face except her eyes, like a bandit.

Isis skillfully binds Tenjou with ropes, in western style, surely Isis is one of the best binders in the west. Isis binds Tenjou’s wrists and arms and also her chest with lots of rope, then she binds her ankles and legs, maybe Tenjou has about 100 meters of rope on her, she also gags her with two big handkerchiefs, one in cleavegag and the other in bandit style. Finally Isis to make sure that Tenjou will not move all day from there, she ties her in a tight hogtied. Now it’s impossible for Tenjou to do anything, she is tied and gagged very tightly.

Isis steals Tenjou’s ticket, who goes to the concert and leaves her friend writhing in the living room, Tenjou tries to do something, but she can’t, the only thing she knows for sure is that she will miss the concert and that she will be tied for many hours.


18 min / 1,3 GB

12,10 $