Legami, Átame, tie me up!!

Raila is a young and sexy italian girl, who is on vacation in Barcelona, she has rented an apartament for a few days, and now that her vacation is over, she is getting ready to go to the airport to go back to Italy. Lex, the young woman who rents the apartment, is in love with Raila and doesn’t want her to leave, she knows she will never see her again. She has a strategy to make her stay a while longer, taking advantage of her strong physique, she grabs Raila and pulls her against the floor and quickly ties her hands behind her back with ropes. Raila desperately calls for help, Lex is quicker and puts a pink ballgag on her so she won’t scream or be heard by the neighbors, Raila can only say mmmmmmffdddddddddph out of her mouth.

Lex wants her not to escape, he ties her thighs, ankles and joins them together with her torso, making her a tight hogtied on the floor, there is still more rope left to take advantage of and Raila is still moving too much and resisting. Lex with more rope ties her feet together and also joins them to her torso, now it is impossible for Raila to escape. Lez has her platonic love tied up in the dining room of her house for as a long as she wants…. Will she get Raila to fall in love with her too?

Spanish / MP4 / FULLHD 1080 

13 min / 400 MB

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