Lesbian in leather, hogtied and tickling

Oleandrina is a rich bitch, but shes´s very careless. She is taking a nap on the sofa, all nice and comfy but she forgot to lock the door. Andy is a crazy little robber who decides to break into Oleandrina´s house to steal some her stuff. Andy´s plan was just to take some of the most precious things, but when she finds Oleandrina half naked on the couch with her tight leather leggings she gets other ideas. Oleandrina barely has any time to react and understand what is going on, because Andy quickly jumps on top of her and ties her hands behind her back. She struggles and tries to fight back, but Andy throws Oleandrina on the floor and starts tieing Oleandrina´s arms behind her back so tight you can see the rope digging into her skin. Maybe the neighbours can help, maybe if she cries loud enough they will come to her rescue. Impossible! Andy shoves a ballgag in her mouth and ties it so hard she can´t even moan too loud. Oleandrina might be a rich bitch, but Andy is a proper badass bitch and she ties Aleandrina´s legs together and the her into a hogtied right there on the cold floor. Andy is ready to have some fun, except her notion of fun is a punishment for Oleandrina. She starts tickling her ribs, her neck and gets a nice surprise when she notices how ticklish Oleandrina is, even on her litlte nose. What a blast she´s going to have! She even takes out a feather duster and tickle Oleandrina with it. She cries, she fights, she drools all over the cold floor, but nothing makes Andy stop. Instead, she decides to tickle her with a huge leather flogger, tickle and slap her small feet. Since she´s crying so much Andy slaps her ass a couple of times with her bare hands. What a beautiful sound her skin makes when it hits that tight ass in those leather leggings, she just can´t stop, or decide. She keeps spanking her again and again, leather flogger, hands, more leather flogger, more tickles. Seems like she´s enjoyign more this than the jewlery she came for.

One more round of tickling? Or two? Who knows what Andy is going to do next?? She leaves Oleandrina on the floor struggling and crying as she goes to steal some of her things.

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