Beautiful Alba Zevon hogtied and gagged by sexy Lex

Alba Zevon is a professional dancer who is resting for her next audition for an important role in “Swan Lake”, her roommate, Lex, another dancer, also has the same audition for the same role, she knows that Alba is a very difficult rival and wants to prevent her from auditioning. Lex has a plan, he pushes Alba against the bed and immobilizes her by getting on top of her and grabbing her hands behind her back, he takes out some ropes that he has prepared and ties her hands behind her very fast so that Alba doesn’t have time to react, Lex is but he has a lot of strength and ties her hands tightly, Alba doesn’t stop moaning and Lex gets tired of listening to her, so he takes a huge ballgag and puts it in Alba’s mouth tightly so she can only say mmmffffffpphh and drool a lot. Lex continues with his strappado tying her arms together tightly and wrapping it around her chest so her arms move as little as possible. Lex pulls out more rope as he laughs and humiliates Alba, he ties Alba’s strong and sexy legs together, starting with her thighs, knees, ankles and feet. Finally to keep her from moving from the bed, he completes the immobilization with more rope making a very strong and resistant hogtied. Alba has no chance of escaping from this restraint. Lex keeps laughing and leaves to go to the audition, abandoning Alba who will struggle for a few long minutes at the end of the video to try to untie herself but the struggle will be useless. Alba keeps moving around struggling against the restraints… poor Alba, it turns out that the black swan was already living with her.

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