2 girls in hogtied and much spitting

Gen and Lex are two young and sexy girls tied in a hogtied on the living room floor, they are Aly’s submissives, they did something wrong and now they have to face their punishment.

Aly leaves them all afternoon tied up on the floor, she approaches them and gags them with a ballgag each one, she prefers them to be quiet and barely able to complain about the punishment, Aly knows that they hate saliva, so she takes Gen’s drool with her finger and makes her smell it through her nose, so she can smell her own saliva, Gen makes a disgusted face, then it’s Lex’s turn, Aly does the same with her. When the gags are already very drooling, she takes them off and swaps them, Gen gets Lex’s gag and the other way around, so they can taste each other’s saliva.

Now Aly spits on her hand and rubs the saliva all over Gen’s face, getting it well covered in saliva, she does the same to Lex’s face, they hate this punishment and can’t wait for it to be over, she does it repeatedly. When Aly finishes, she leaves and leaves Gen and Lex still tied up on the floor, covered with saliva that they can’t get off, they notice all the saliva and its smell all over their face, they stay struggling on the floor trying to untie, but they know they can’t do anything.


18 min / 1,6 GB

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