2 girls tie up and punish the team’s star player


My friend Tenjou and I are waiting for Butterfly, our teammate whom we all hate, that idiot goes as the star of the team, we are tired of her, of how she humiliates us every day and today it’s time to give her her punishment.

Finally she arrives, with her bad energy, giving orders and shouting, but this time we are ready to fight back. Tenjou and I throw ourselves on top of her, we manage to join strength, we sit on top of her, so that she stays on the floor without being able to move, she is strong, but the two of us more, she insults us, she doesn’t know what awaits her. I tie her hands behind her back and her chest as fast and hard as possible, so that she can’t move her hands or arms no matter how hard she does, she continues to insult and humiliate us, so Tenjou takes off Butterfly’s long socks and puts them in her mouth, so that she will shut you up and swallow her own sweat, she squeezes them deep inside, Butterfly tries to spit them out while Tenjou holds them with her hand so that she can’t take them out. Once I finish my strappado, I take off my stinky sweaty socks after stretching, tie them together, and create a gag with them, tying it in Butterfly’s mouth, so she can’t get hers out making a cleavegag, she is gagged and at the same time smelling my sweat and swallowing hers, how fun this gets.

Now that Butterfly is tied up, it’s time for our revenge and humiliation, we make her smell our socks if or if, putting them on her face and nose, I must admit that they smell quite strong, it gives me great pleasure to humiliate her like this, seeing how that idiot smells our sweaty feet, I take her by the braid so she can hardly move her head.

After a few minutes, Tenjou gives me her socks, so I also tie them on Butterfly’s nose and smell them. I put her on my knees, and ask her -Will you be our slave, she refuses, I repeat the question again, she nods her head, but it is not enough. -Yes what? I ask her, – Yes mistress, she answers me. She is already our slave, she starts her training and discipline.

We put her on her feet, I take more rope and tie her knees and ankles together, this way I make sure she won’t try to run away, I feel like laughing at her for a while and humiliate her more, I make her a leash with a rope, -it’s time for a walk. While Tenjou records with her cell phone the humiliation so everyone can see it, I take the leash and stretch it, I go around the gym in a circle, she is jumping with her feet tied, trying not to fall, it is so humiliating and so funny for me, I speed up the pace, she has to jump faster, – come on doggy, say wooo wooo, – wooo wooo wooo, she screams pathetically while jumping.

At the end of our nice walk, I was going to finish her punishment, but I don’t know if she has had enough, to make sure, we punish her more. We stretch her out on the ground and shove our dirty sweaty socks back in her face, she begs for us to leave her and stop, but she is our slave and she has to do what we want and without complaint, how much discipline she has left to learn, the more she begs, the more we will fuck her. You are going to be our slave every day, this will be your punishment every day, to be tied up and smell our feet after every training, until you learn to respect people, and if you disobey your video will be seen by everyone, we remind you.

Our punishment ends for today, we are tired and we feel like taking a shower, we leave her there tied up on the floor. We’ll decide when to untie her….



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