Burglar is captured by his sexy victim

Jack Panda is a thief who breaks into a house to steal, he is surprised by Lex, a tall and sexy young woman who is an expert in martial arts, he immediately gets control of the thief, instead of alerting the police he has another plan, he will use the thief as his slave, to satisfy him, so he ties his hands and ankles and makes him a very tight hogtied from which he could never escape, he also gags him so that the neighbors can not hear him while he is tied and Lex is working, Jack has been tied for many hours trying to get rid of the knots but it is impossible.

Then Lex arrives at his house, smilingly asks him how he has spent the day while he smiles and hears him complaining. And she tells him that she’s had a hard day at work and that someone needs to help her blow off some steam. Jack nods but she puts a collar on him and obliges him to crawl in front of a couch. Lex starts smiling and spanking his ass, while telling him about the stress at work. He protests making mmmfff but she doesn’t care and continues and even enjoys it. Next she takes off her shoes and removes his gag. He asks her why she does that but she just says “eat my foot”. Lex makes her lick his sweaty and strong smelling foot after a day of work, he feels how bad it smells but he can’t do anything else, Lex makes her lick his feet while he settles on the couch and pulls the leash. She smiles at times, and ignores him at others.

When she finishes, she gags him again and places him parallel to the couch. She leaves while Jack struggles with the ropes. Lex returns with a stocking. And to stop him from moving his head, she puts the stocking on his head and ties the end of the stocking to where hands and feet are tied together. Then she sits back down on the couch and puts her feet on him and watches him stir. And he smiles and likes it. She gets excited watching him like this, always keeping one foot on him and with another of her hands holding the leash.

When she finishes she smiles and looks at him. And she tells him that now she wants silence. And she whips him again until he shuts up. Then she smiles, puts her two feet on his human rug…. You think it’s a good sentence for Jack?

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