Military man hogtied and interrogated by military girl

Jack is a military man who is guarding a secret military base for prisoners, Lex is another enemy military woman who sneaks into the base, she has a mission and that is to get some confidential information. She attacks Jack from behind, he tries to defend himself fighting a little, Lex is well trained in hand to hand combat and manages to defeat Jack, she throws him to the ground, and with a rope she ties his hands behind him, Jack tries to escape, nothing he can do, she only insults him. Lex ties a strappado all over his arms with a lot of rope, very tight, it hurts Jack and he is very uncomfortable, he gags him with a bamboo gag that squeezes his mouth, it is very uncomfortable and hard in his mouth, Jack does not stop drooling in the whole video because of the gag and he feels how it hurts more and more.

Lex keeps on tying his legs, ankles and finally he joins them with his hands, making a hogtied with a lot of tension and very tight, the position for Jack is very uncomfortable and he has a hard time every second. Lex ties a rope from his head to his ankles to keep his head up.

It’s time for Lex to get that information so he has to fuck Jack, he takes off his socks, takes some bamboo sticks and starts to whip Jack’s feet, he writhes in pain but he can hardly move or scream, just endure the pain, he resists as much as he can. Lex continues to whip with varying intensity, playing psychologically with his victim’s pain.

After a long time whipping Jack and seeing that he doesn’t get any information, he tickles his ribs, Jack can’t stop laughing and drooling at the same time because of the gag, he tickles him for a few minutes, but there is no way Jack gets the information out, Lex needs a break and think of another way to get it, he leaves Jack tied on the floor in hogtied and leaves … the interrogation will continue, will Lex get the information in another video?


20 min / 900 MB

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