2 burglar girls play and bastinate their bound victim

Tenjou has arrived from playing sports and lies down on the bed to rest, she does not know that in the house there are two burglars, Aly and Nereida, they surprise her, they sit on top of her and with adhesive tape they tie her hands behind her back, Aly gags her with a handkerchief inside her mouth. Between the two of them they tie her legs together, her thighs and from her knees to her ankles, tightly bound so that she can hardly move. They ask her where she is hiding the money, but Tenjou refuses to tell them. The burglars know they will have to work harder to get that information out of her, with a rope they tie her feet to the leg of the bed, so she can’t move them, Aly is sitting on Tenjou’s back, Nereida takes a belt and starts whipping Tenjou’s soles every time she doesn’t answer correctly.

After a good spanking, Tenjou confesses the hiding place of the money, she couldn’t take it anymore, Nereida goes to get the money, while Aly, takes Tenjou’s sweaty socks and puts them in her mouth, with adhesive tape she gags her so she can’t spit them out or talk.

The burglars don’t want to leave yet, they already have the money but they want to play with their unruly victim. Between the two of them they tape her ankles together with her thighs making a mummified hogtied legs, the soles of her feet they leave her naked, with a rope, they tie her toes to the bed, so she can’t move them and the soles are still.

It’s time to have fun, the two burglars want to compete, the two will whip the soles of Tenjou c’s feet, 10 lashes each with each different object, the one who makes Tenjou scream and move more wins the round.

The first round is the belt, they give ten blows each one impacting with the soles of Tenjou’s feet that can do nothing but endure and endure each whipping. Nereida wins that round by far.

It is the turn of the whip, the two burglars play Indiana Jones with the soles of Tenjou, Aly wins that round, tied the two.

The tie-breaker remains, 10 strokes with the bamboo stick, who will win that round?

Finally the loser is angry to lose, and wants to punish Tenjou, who can’t take it anymore, she takes off her socks and puts her feet on Tenjou’s face to make him smell them.

Finally she takes her socks and ties them with tape on Tenjou’s nose so that he has to smell them every time he breathes.

The two burglars leave their victim bound and gagged.



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