Stalker hogtied female schoolgirl and plays with her feet

Aly arrives home from school, with her school uniform, she doesn’t know that at home Lex is waiting for her, a stalker of schoolgirls, who love to tie, harass and play with them. Lex surprises her and attacks Aly, catches her, puts her inside one of the rooms, and gets on top of her, Aly has barely given her time to react, when she is already on the floor with her hands tied behind her back, Lex is very fast using the rope and tying her victims, once her hands are tied, Lex takes out a handkerchief and gags her in cleave gag so she can’t scream or ask for help while he continues tying her up. Lex ties her arms and elbows together in strappado, she uses a lot of rope on Aly, she wants to make sure she will be well trapped, she ties her entire leg with rope, almost mummifying, and then hogtied her feet together with her arms, now Aly can do absolutely nothing.

Lex is a schoolgirl foot fetishist, she starts massaging the soles of Aly’s feet with her socks on, then removes her gag, takes a bamboo stick she finds and starts whipping Aly’s soles, Aly moans in pain, Lex tells her that for every whipping she will have to thank her or it will be worse.  Aly takes hard impacts and has to say thank you for every impact.

Lex takes off Aly’s socks and massages her feet again with oil after a hard punishment, he takes another rope and ties her big toes behind her back and then with another rope her hair also behind her back to make the hogtied more tense and uncomfortable. Not everything ends here, Lex also wants her massage, Lex makes her lick her socks and then the soles of her feet, that they are well cleaned, Lex enjoys every lick of Aly passing through her soles.

Finally Lex is done with his victim, he puts the socks on Aly’s nose so she has to smell them while she is tied up, Lex leaves her and goes away, Aly tries to move but she can’t do anything, it seems she will be a season without being able to go to class…


33 min /  2,8 GB

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