Sexy teacher hogtied and plays with her student

Aly is an excellent student who is desperate, for a few tenths she can’t get into the university of her dreams, the only way is for her teacher to raise her grade so that the average will allow her to enter the university. Lex, the young and sexy teacher, who likes to take advantage of her students, invites her to come over to her house and talk, she proposes to Aly that she will have the opportunity to get into the college she wants, if she does exactly what Lex asks her to do, Aly, desperate, accepts 

Lex orders her to get on her knees and goes to get ropes, he takes a lot of rope, and starts tying Aly’s hands behind her back, Aly doesn’t understand anything of what is happening, but she has no choice if she wants to achieve her goal. Lex ties Aly’s small body with a lot of rope, he ties her hands and arms in strapaddo, her chest with a lot of rope and her legs and ankles. Finally, he hogtied her tightly by tying her ankles tightly together with his hands.

Aly tries to convince Lex to use another method, but there is no choice, Lex takes a leather belt and orders Aly to smell her socks, Aly smells them, Lex starts to beat with the belt Aly’s feet, he asks her to thank him for each impact, Aly has to accept, every time that belt hits her soles hard, she asks for thanks as a good student.

Lex plays with her, until she decides to take off her socks for Aly to lick the big feet she has (42 European), Aly licks her teacher’s feet. Aly is obeying and is earning her reward. Lex is tired but wants to continue playing later with her student, so she takes her own socks, ties them in Aly’s mouth so that every time she breathes, she has to smell them, hogtied to her toes.

Finally Lex leaves Aly tied up on the floor of her classroom for when she feels like playing again later. Some teachers are very demanding of their students.



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