Substitute players tie up and punish their coach


That’s enough! What a nuisance of a coach, always leaving us on the bench….

Aisha: He’s going to find out! Let’s give him what he deserves now.

After training we’ll go into his room to show him how hard we worked and we’ll mark him with our sweat.

When the whole team is resting at the training hotel, we go into his room.

We open the door and tie him to the bed, we have caught him off guard!

We get on top of him as he resists. What a good time we are going to have. We fight with him until we reduce him on the bed, the bastard resists a lot and manages to get loose several times and escape from the restraints, but between the strength of the two of us we tie his hands and feet against the bed rails, we make sure that he will not be able to escape or defend himself again. Now that he is totally immobilized, he looks like he is scared.

It feels so good to see him like this… It’s exciting. Let’s see if he likes the feet…

We put our feet close to him and take off our socks that we have sweated so much in our training sessions.

Do you refuse to lick our lovely footballer’s feet? What a pig.

We put the socks on his face and gag him, so that he only smells them, smells that sweaty smell, this will be his punishment until he says yes to licking our feet.

He finally gives in, sticks out his ridiculous tongue and starts licking our pretty soles of our feet, he has a lot of licking to do between my foot number 43 and my partner Aisha’s, fuck him, it gives us a lot of pleasure to notice his tongue on our feet and toes.

It’s getting me hot to see how good a team we make even subduing this prick.

We start punish him with his own tickling, he is very very ticklish on his ribs, he can’t stop laughing, later he will say he is not laughing with us, I just hear him say mmmmmphhhhg through his duct tape gag, I guess he is asking us for more, he is having a great time, so we give him a lot more four handed tickling.

Is it getting on his nerves that we’re dominating and humiliating him like this?

In case our displeasure is not clear.

We tape our feet to his face so that his nose is tightly pressed to our soles and he has to smell them, we stay there for a while, making sure he doesn’t forget the girls on the bench again…



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