Girl hogtied by crazy girl and feet licking

Lex and Liz are two friends who are having a drink at Liz’s house, Liz is in love with Lex and while they are having a drink she comes on to him and gives him a stolen kiss. Lex rejects her reminding her that he has a partner, Liz regrets and tells him to keep having a drink. When Lex gets up from the couch, Liz attacks him from behind and pushes her on the bed, they fight on it until Liz takes control, she wants Lex to stay still and can not escape, she takes a roll of duct tape and ties his hands behind his back with several turns, it is very tight, it hurts Lex and he knows at that moment that he will not be able to get loose. Lex tries to scream for help and Liz gags her with the duct tape giving her many tight turns around her head so that her mouth is well covered and she can’t scream, Lex can only do mmmmmpphh, she can barely move her lips. Liz will continue to bind her chest with several turns and rolls of tape, also her ankles, pulling them together and her toes so that she will be nice and still when she wants to lick them later. She tapes her feet together with her hands, to make her hogtied. Once Lex can no longer move and is totally in Liz’s control, she is a foot fetishist, she will lick Lex’s sweaty feet for a few minutes, after a long day of work, Lex totally still and bound with tape, she will feel every lick of Liz on her feet…


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