Aly gets tied up and licking the feet of her stepsister gamer Lex

Aly is at home on the couch watching TV when her stepsister Lex arrives. The two of them get along very badly and are always at each other’s throats. They live together but that weekend, their parents have gone on a trip and they are home alone, when they are alone, things always happen….

Lex tells her that he wants to play a video game, Aly refuses to let him have the TV and that as long as he won’t play. Lex gets angry and goes to get some ropes, he throws himself on top of Aly with all his weight and strength, he starts to tie Aly’s hands, who tries to reveal herself, once tied, he ties them on the leg of the sofa, to obliges her to stay stretched out with her hands up. Then to keep her quiet he gags her with a black ballgag.

Lex continues to tie her up, making her futomoms, joining her ankles with her thighs, with these ties Aly can no longer escape or do anything. Lex has total control of his stepsister who loves to tease and humiliate her whenever he gets the chance.

Aly is already tied up, stretched out on the couch and can’t move, it’s time to play.

Lex begins to play play the game while laughing at his bound and gagged stepsister. He knows Aly hates feet and has a phobia of them. While playing the console he puts his feet of your size 43 in her face, obliges Aly to breathe in her stinky feet from all day walking around at her job.

He then removes her gag, obliges her to lick his feet telling her that if she doesn’t she will stay tied up all weekend and be his footrest while he plays video games. Aly has no choice but to accept and begins to lick his feet with her tongue, licking up and down the soles, Lex laughs and demands that she do it better and faster.

In the end Lex, tells her that she really liked the foot massage, that she has thought it over, that she will stay like this all weekend, Aly complains desperately, then Lex gags her to shut her up, sits next to her, watching her and laughing, while he continues playing… There’s no one who lives with these sisters…


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