Lex hogtied and foot worship by 2 sexy runner girls

Lex is on the couch when her roommates Lala and Scarlett arrive to scold Lex to stop wearing her clothes, she always returns them sweaty and they are tired, so they want to give her a punishment. Between the two of them they throw her to the floor and hold her hands behind her back, Scarlett takes a rope and ties her quickly so that she stays still, while Lala gags her with a ballgag so that she stays quiet and doesn’t bother. She keeps tying her chest, this way she won’t be able to move much. Scarlett wants to use more rope, she ties her thighs with her ankles, making a hogtied with a lot of tension so that Lex feels the ropes tight and as her body is more and more uncomfortable because of the position and the tension, the more she moves the more the ropes will bother her. Once they see Lex sufficiently well tied up, Lala and Scarlett it’s their time to run so they leave for an hour to do some sport and sweat a lot, they leave Lex tied and gagged for the whole hour on the dining room floor, but her punishment will be even worse.

When an hour has passed, Lala and Scarlett come home, Lex is still tied up in the dining room, just like they left her, they sit on the chairs in front of her, tell her that her punishment has just started, they take off their sneakers and socks. Oh no the feet are really sweaty and smell really bad, Lala and Scarlett stick the feet in Lex’s mouth for her to lick them, they want to humiliate her so she learns not to dirty and sweat her classmates clothes, so they make her lick for 7 long minutes without pause the sweaty feet. Lex begs them to stop, she can’t take the humiliation anymore and keep licking her dirty feet. Scarlett and Lala decide to stop but Lex will stay tied up on the dining room floor for a while longer until they want to untie her.


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