2 girls tie up and make a girl lick her feet at the gym

Lex is using the gym rope, at that moment Tenjou appears, a member of the gym who is rude, she always treats people badly, that day it’s just the two of them, or so it seems, Tenjou wants to use the ropes to exercise and tells Lex to let her use them, she refuses because she is still working with them. Tenjou never accepts a No, so he insists and throws himself at her to take them off. Lex calls for help and Suji appears, another girl who dislikes Tenjou, joining strong, they get Tenjou not to move and hogtied her with the gym rope, Tenjou is shocked and tied hand and foot like a pig, she can’t get untied no matter how hard she tries and Suji grabs her so she doesn’t try to get loose or escape while Lex gives her her punishment for bad person.

When Tenjou is tied up, Lex wants her to apologize, but Tenjou who is very proud, refuses, Lex wants to punish her, she takes off her socks and makes Tenjou smell her sweaty feet, she has no choice but to do it, she smells his feet, then licks, sucks and kisses them at Lex’s orders, while Suji grabs her head to make her do it.

Tenjou apologizes, she has learned that she can’t be mean to everyone, yet Lex and Suji leave her tied up on the floor and leave, Tenjou tries to untie herself, but until someone comes there she will be punished.



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