Burglar mummified and humiliated by burglar

Jack a burglar makes the mistake of breaking into Liz’s house, another burglar with much more experience. Liz realizes that her house has been broken into and surprises the burglar by hitting him with a chair and knocking him out.

Liz drags the body to the living room and takes out the material that Jack has in the backpack, she realizes that she was going to be tied up and decides to take revenge, she takes out several rolls of very resistant and strong adhesive tape and starts tying Jack with many turns, Jack wakes up, finds that Liz is tying him up and tries to escape and screams, Liz covers his mouth with her hand so he can’t talk and takes out a big gag from the backpack to put it on Jack and tighten it well, she wants to make sure he will be well gagged, so she also gags him with adhesive tape giving him many turns completely covering his mouth, Jack can barely make noises or say mmmffff. Liz spits in Jack’s face, and humiliates him verbally all the time telling him what she is going to do to him while she ties and mummifies his whole body, feet, ankles, thighs, she covers his whole body with adhesive tape, Jack can’t even move anything, he is totally trapped in that tight mummification. Once he is completely mummified, Liz humiliates him by playing with his feet on Jack’s face and sculpting him several times, trying to get information from him about where he lives to go and rob him at his house while he stays tied up…

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