Jack Panda hogtied and foot worship of 2 girls

Jack is a renowned journalist who has confidential information about a company and that soon will bring to light, the company sends two people hired to prevent it, they are Yana and Lex, two girls with young and sexy appearance but capable of the worst.

They enter Jack’s house by surprise, corner him, fight him and put him face to the floor, between the two of them they keep him on the floor, while Lex ties his hands behind his back while Yana puts her knee on his head so he can’t move and gags him with adhesive tape beforehand.

You’re not going to get that information out in the open or it will be worse they tell him as they tie him up and whip him, tie his legs and ankles together and hogtied them so he can’t move off the floor.

They have to make sure any way they can that this information is not discovered, Lex sits on the couch in front of Jack, takes off his long heeled boots and socks, Yana sits on Jack’s back, grabs his head and obliges Jack to eat and lick Lex’s feet. Suck and shut up they tell him, Lex’s feet are a 43, they smell terrible and taste worse, you can tell they have been in a hot boot for many hours and sweaty. Jack is having a hard time, they oblige him to lick his feet for several minutes, then they make the switch, Yana takes off her heels and shoves her feet in Jack’s mouth, as she licks Yana’s feet, Lex bites Jack’s feet and whips him.

When Jack tells them to stop that he won’t get the information out, Lex and Yana have achieved their goal, but Jack’s punishment is not over, they put Yana and Lex’s four socks in his mouth, tight, covering Jack’s whole mouth, and gag him with tape giving him many turns, making a huge wrapgag, and they also tape Jack’s eyes so he can’t see anything or find anything to untie himself with.Lex and Yana leave and abandon Jack tied up on the floor in hogtied.



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