Burglar girl ties up and humiliates her victims with saliva

 Jack is a young man who likes to go home dressed in his blue lycra suit. That day a burglar has just entered his house and while Jack is resting on the couch. Dita takes the opportunity to attack him, she sits him on a chair and ties his hands behind his back very tightly. Jack wakes up at that moment, Dita puts a huge ballgag to cover his mouth, Jack can barely say mmmffffff he can’t stop dropping saliva and not even say anything. Dita continues with her victim, she loves to play with her victims before robbing them. She keeps tying him tightly in the chair, her feet together with her hands to make him make as little movement as possible, Jack can’t stop salivating from the gag, seeing how he is humiliated by the thief. Dita will lick his mouth, his face, his dress in order to fill him with saliva. Jack hates saliva and is getting a shower of drool from Dita. Finally to finish and to make the robbery more pleasurable, Dita will tie a dildo on Jack’s dick and will leave it on while he drools of pleasure and she robs him.

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