Jack accepts Lex’s escape challenge

Jack visits his friend Lex at her house, she is preparing her objects that she uses to tie in her game, Jack out of curiosity asks what all that is, Lex shows it to him and proposes to Jack to play the game of escapism, it consists of tying him and if he manages to escape in less than a minute he wins, Jack finds it very curious, it looks easy, but he wants to bet something, they bet the salaries of a month whoever manages to win the game.

Lex starts tying Jack’s hands with a rope behind his back, Jack is surprised by how tight it is, when he finishes tying his hands, Jack thinks that the game begins, but he is wrong, Lex continues tying his chest and arms, followed by his feet and legs, Lex tightens the ropes and knots very tight, Jack has fallen into Lex’s trap, he knows he can’t escape from there, Lex gags him with a ballgag to make him shut up and start the game.

Jack moves uselessly, he can’t escape and he knows it, there is too much rope and too tight, he is going to lose, Lex laughs, but she wants to have more fun with his friend who knows he will never be able to escape from his bindings, she always wins that game, she wants to fuck his friend, she takes adhesive tape and keeps tying his chest, then his legs with more adhesive tape, Jack is very restrained, he can’t say anything, just watch how his friend has gone crazy and keeps tying him more and more. Finally Lex pulls out some leather straps and ties him up even more using them to further restrain Jack’s body.

Lex laughs at him, Jack is tied up, he can’t do anything, his friend has lied to him in the game, he knows that he will stay tied up until his friend wants to let him go… Lex goes away and leaves him tied up on the floor… Trust sucks.



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