Girlfriend and mistress take revenge on boy on Valentine’s Day

Lex and Jack are celebrating their Valentine’s Day with a dinner at home, Lex knows that Jack has had a mistress for a long time, but never told him anything, she has a surprise in store.

When they are finishing dinner, Lex tells him that she has a special dessert for him, that makes Jack very happy, Lex goes to get the ropes to play and be naughty, she ties his hands behind the chair, Jack starts to get excited little by little, his girlfriend has never done anything like that to him, Lex ties his chest tight to the chair, to make sure he won’t be able to escape or move during his surprise,  Jack starts to get nervous, the rope is too tight, he is not comfortable and sees that his girlfriend starts to change her attitude to more aggressive, Jack complains and asks to be released, but Lex gags him and keeps tying him, he ties his legs to the chair and his feet one on each leg, Jack is totally tied to the chair, unable to make any movement, he is scared, he doesn’t know what will happen and why his girlfriend acts like that.  At that moment the doorbell rings, “Hey, here’s your surprise,” says Lex.

Jack’s lover Akasha arrives home, he can’t believe his eyes, he knows that nothing good is going to happen, they both look angry and want revenge… how will Valentine’s Day end for Jack?



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