Jack bound and foot worship of a lesbian couple

Lex and Tenjou are a lesbian couple who are enjoying their holiday as a couple, quietly on the couch while caressing each other, Jack, their roommate, never leaves them alone, he takes advantage of any moment to record them with his cell phone when they are intimate and then sell his videos on the internet. They are tired of him but they can’t throw him out of the house because he is the owner of the apartment so they decide to teach him a lesson. This time they catch him, between the two of them they throw him on the floor and tie his hands, chest and legs with ropes and gag him with tape.

Once they have him tightly bound so that he cannot escape or do anything to defend himself against them, they put him sitting on the floor, with his back and head against the sofa, take the chairs and sit in front of him.

They want to get into Jack’s cell phone to delete all the pictures and videos they have taken of him, but they have to unlock the pin.

They know Jack hates feet, so to punish him into talking, they put his feet with socks on his face and oblige him to smell them for a while while Jack is still gagged, when they want him to talk, they remove the gag, take off his socks, light a cigarette and put his feet in his mouth. As they smoke and put his feet in his mouth for Jack to taste the soles of his feet they ask him to say the numbers on his pin or they will continue with his punishment, Jack refuses, the more he refuses the more they oblige him to eat the feet. Finally Jack is calling out the numbers 1 by 1 as he tries to resist, but he can’t do anything, just savor his roommate’s feet. When they get the code, they erase all the pictures and content of the cell phone and end up tying Jack in a tight hogtied, on the floor in front of the sofa, to be used as a footrest, Jack will stay like that while they continue with their caresses watching the movie.



28 min / 1,2 GB

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