Secretaries tied up and punish the boss

In this special women’s day, Lex and Nereida are two workers of a company who are discussing their working conditions during their break time. Jack, their boss, arrives at the office and reprimands them to get to work because there is a lot of work and it is not time to rest. Lex and Nereida, finally, decide to rebel and attack their boss, they throw him on the floor between the two of them and get on top of him so that he doesn’t get up. They open the drawer and take out cables, duct tape, take off his stockings, whatever it takes to tie him up, they tie his wrists behind his back with the stockings and then reinforce them with tape, Lex takes off his panties and puts them in his mouth, then gags him with a lot of tape, making a wrap gag, he takes off his stockings and puts them on his head, while Nereida continues to tie his boss, feet and legs with cables and tape, the boss can no longer move, he is under the control of his secretaries, finally they make him with his tie a hogtied joining his wrists with his ankles, now he is totally tied up and humiliated.

It’s time to humiliate the boss, to punish him, to make him improve our working conditions, that worm is at our feet, where he deserves.

They punish and humiliate him, they blackmail him until they get their purpose, better working conditions, if not by the good ones, it will be by the bad ones, Lex and Nereida have given a lesson to their boss that he will never forget.



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