Hustler tied up and humiliated by sexy girl in leather

Lex has been swindled by Jack in a business deal, she manages to locate Jack and enter his house to get her money back and get revenge, she enters when Jack is resting on the couch, she him to stretch out on the floor, if Jack disobeys any order from Lex, she knows it is not going to have a good ending for him, so she has to comply with every order from Lex. She starts to tie his hands behind his back and together with his chest. Jack can’t move, Lex has tied his hands so tightly, Jack keeps begging her to stop and Lex doesn’t want to listen to him, so she takes off her dirty panties and puts them in Jack’s mouth, deep inside, and gags his mouth with duct tape, giving him many tight wraps around his head, now Jack can only be heard saying mmmffffffff while drooling inside and noticing the strong taste of Lex’s sweaty panties.

Lex starts laughing at him and verbally humiliating him, he pulls out more rope and ties his ankles, knees and thighs very tight, Jack feels the ropes getting tighter and tighter as he moves, Lex has a lot of strength and squeezes hard. The strong punishment for Jack begins, she sits on the couch, having Jack at her feet, under her high heeled boots, she starts to step on him with the needle of the heel all over his body, making scratches with the heels, stepping on his genitals, while she laughs at him for quite a while. Finally he goes to get his money and once he gets it, before saying goodbye to Jack, he makes sure that he will stay there still without being able to move, he ties him with a rope in a tight and tense hogtied, joining his ankles with his arms, Jack feels all the tension in his body, the position is very uncomfortable, Lex leaves Jack tied there to his fate… don’t swindle Lex if you don’t want to end up like Jack.


25 min / 1,4 GB

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