Jack is hogtied and robbed by the burglar Akasha


Today is a good night to go rob that pig, I put on my uniform: leather jacket, pants and gloves and the balaclava so he won’t recognize me. I prepare the ropes, I’m going to tie up and humiliate that wretch while I rob him.

I get to his house and open the door, it didn’t take long, it’s all dark, Jack must be napping already, easier for me, I move stealthily to the living room, he’s alone, there’s no one else, he’s napping on his couch, it’s a good time to attack and my only chance.

I attack him, I get on top of him before he wakes up, I put his arms behind his sword and with my knee I squeeze very hard so that his arms are pinned back, he wakes up, the pig is confused, I put my leather glove in his mouth and squeeze it, he can’t scream or ask for help, he can’t do anything either, I have him tightly trapped. I quickly take out the adhesive tape and gag him with a lot of rage and forc e, I turn him around and around so he can’t even move his lips. Once well gagged, I take my ropes out of the backpack, I start with his hands, he barely has any strength so I can easy with him. I tie his hands very tightly behind with several knots, so he won’t untie, I give him many turns on his chest with the other ropes, so he can’t move his arms and they are tied. The pig is already tied, he is already mine, he can’t do anything, he tries uselessly to escape but he is under my absolute control, he has a frightened look and I enjoy and get excited to see him like that.

I feel like humiliating him more and tying him more. I’m enjoying a lot tonight and I want to keep doing it, I love tying guys like this. I tie his legs and feet with more rope, I bring out my strength to tie him tight, so that the ropes are tight against his body, so that it hurts and he suffers. He no longer knows what to do, he knows he is lost, he can do nothing, it excites me to see a man like this at my feet, dominated and humiliated by me. I tie his ankles with my arms, making him very hard and tense hogtied, so that his back remains tense and he is uncomfortable for the rest of the hours he will spend tied up and crying.

Finally, I have finished tying this pig up, I laugh at him, now my happy hour begins, let’s see what there is to steal from him… Ohh some keys to his Harley, I have always liked Harley’s and they look great with leather. His Rolex too and other things….

Time to go, I say goodbye to him, I think he’s trying to tell me something, but I only hear mmmmppphh, I grab the stuff and leave, leaving Jack tied up on the floor… job done for the day



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