Boy dominated by beautiful young girl

Jack Panda is a squatter who enters Lex’s place to rest and have a place to live, Lex arrives at the place and finds Jack stretched out, he attacks him from behind. When Jack closes his eyes, Lex takes the opportunity to tie his hands behind his back with a rope and his arms to his chest, then ties his ankles. Jack opens his eyes and sees himself tied up, then Lex gags him with a sock and a bandana scarf covering his mouth. It’s time to fuck the squatter, Lex squeezes his neck with his arms, controlling his breathing and making him suffer.

Lex removes the gag and covers his mouth completely with his hand, while he continues to grab him by the neck. Then she does the same but with her legs, she wraps them around his neck and with her long legs she squeezes his neck. Lex loves to play this way with her occupant, when she gets tired of squeezing him with her legs. She sits on top of him and puts her breasts on his face, causing Jack to be able to breathe little and makes him smell her sweat from her breasts.  Next she does the same but with her pussy on his nose, facesitting him.

Lex is hot, takes off his shirt, takes it off so Jack can’t scream, covers his mouth with his leg cuff link, putting it in Jack’s mouth and squeezing it so he can’t scream or talk. He does the same with his armpit too, making Jack smell the odor of his armpit, covering his mouth with his armpit, Jack notices the smell and the taste, Lex meanwhile takes off her panties, to put them in Jack’s mouth and gagging him with adhesive tape, he gives him many turns of his head so that he is very well gagged.

Finally he has had enough for today, he will continue with him later, but it’s time to make Jack close his eyes again.


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