Alba Zevon tied up her couple Lex to play

Lex is in his room reading a book when Alba, his partner, arrives, she wants to play with things they have not tried before, Lex is not very sure, but he lets himself go, Alba takes out some ropes to tie her up. She starts by tying her hands together at the head of her hand, she ties some good knots so that Lex can’t get loose or escape from the game. Once his hands are tied, Alba shows him a ballgag, Lex doesn’t like it so much, but before he can say no, Alba puts it in his mouth, so he can’t talk or say anything, only complain, but saying mmmmff he can’t understand her. Alba keeps tying Lex up, now she touches his legs, she pulls his ankles together with the back of her thigh and ties them tight. Lex looks very sensual tied up and Alba starts kissing her and slowly playing with her, she takes out a spanking paddle and a vibrator and asks her what she wants to play with. But Lex can only say mmmffphh and Alba decides to play with both things, she whips her legs with the paddle, she will play with it for a while until it is the turn of the vibrator, then, she will tie her legs on the headboard of the bed so they are wide open and she can’t close them at any time. Alba also likes to play her a little bit, she will put the vibrator in her panties so that it stays well pressed against Lex’s genitals, she likes to play with her orgasm. to finish she will do a little foot fetish putting her feet on his face. Alba leaves and leaves Lex tied up on the bed with the vibrator having orgasms one after the other until Alba decides to come back.

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