Submissive girl is made into furniture for her mistress’s feet

Tenjou is a young submissive slave girl who has not done all her housework, she waits on her knees for her mistress. When Lex, her mistress, arrives home and sees that she has left things undone, she decides that she deserves to be punished. He decides that his punishment will be to turn her into furniture for his personal satisfaction.

Lex takes his ropes, ties his submissive’s wrists together at the arm, orders her to lie on the floor, and ties her arms anchored to the sofa leg, so she can’t move from there, then ties Tenjou’s legs together with lots of rope, finally gagging her with a gag opener.

It’s time for Lex to relax after a long day of work and wearing heels for hours, she needs to relax her feet, she sits on the sofa and takes off her size 43 feet, she gets comfortable and rests her feet on Tenjou’s face, her slave has no choice but to smell her sweaty and tired feet, -that’s your punishment for not doing all your chores- Lex tells her.

After several minutes with her feet on her slave’s face, Lex decides that she can be more useful in another position to relax better, he unties Tenjou’s legs and ties them again joining the ankles with the thigh, making futomoms on her legs. He changes the mouth opener gag for one with an inflatable dildo, inserts it into Tenjou’s mouth and inflates it until it fits tightly in her mouth, so she won’t be able to hear a single complaint from her slave.

He orders her to get into a table position. Tenjou is tightly bound and does what she can, she finds it hard to endure such a painful and uncomfortable position, but she has to endure her punishment or she knows it will be worse. Lex rests her feet on Tenjou’s back, turning her slave into a human footrest. Tenjou tries to hold on, even though her knees and elbows hurt, how long her punishment will last, her mistress looks very comfortable….



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