Mummified girl 1 hour real and dominated by Lex

Aly is a submissive looking for a dominant girl, she goes to Lex’s place, one of the most famous dominas in town, she introduces herself, she tells Lex that she would like to be his domina, Lex laughs at her telling her – who are you? Aly pleads with him that she wants to be his slave, and Lex replies that she only has lifetime slaves, if she accepts she will have to pass a first test, Aly accepts her lifetime slavery and agrees to the test.

Lex takes rolls of yellow duct tape and asks Aly to be very still and quiet, he is going to mummify her, Aly excited by this opportunity, agrees and stays still, Lex starts tying her by the ankles, and tying all her legs tightly with duct tape, Lex gags her with tape to keep her quiet and continues tying her up, mummifying her whole body and her arms in mummy position, so that she is more restrained.

Aly stretched out on the stretcher, Lex takes off Aly’s socks and puts them over her mouth so that she remains very quiet and cannot speak, she doesn’t even want to be understood and gags her mouth with several turns of tape, he ties her whole body, from head to toe, only leaving her nose free so that she can breathe.

Your test has just begun, here we will see Aly’s endurance with mummification and if she is ready, the video lasts approximately 1 hour of real mummification. While Aly is unable to move a muscle of her body, Lex takes the opportunity to do things with his new slave, he smokes while he watches her and thinks what he can do, he plays with a hitachi and his orgasm control, he plays with her feet caressing her mummified body…

Once the test is over, Lex wants Aly to continue with her bondage, starting with a punishment, he leaves her mummified on the stretcher, with a hitachi tied between her legs and pressed to her pussy at maximum power for Aly to be distracted while she is tied up.



58 min / 2,6 GB

21,78 $