Mistress Dita University Bully

Dita is a bully at the nursing college, she likes to be naughty with her classmates, this time the victim is Lex, a sexy young Russian girl who is on erasmus. She doesn’t know the erasmus that awaits her with Dita… Dita wants to play with Lex if or if, there is no choice, she wakes her up and holds her on the floor, takes her ropes and ties Lex’s hands behind her back, she has no escape. He will gag her so no one can come to her rescue. Dita loves to tighten her ropes and to make her victims move as little as possible, she ties with a lot of rope her arms and then Lex’s long legs, she wants more rope, she ties her ankles together with her back, making a beautiful hogtied, Lex every time she moves she notices how the ropes tighten more and she knows that it is impossible to escape or to move. To make the punishment more pleasurable, Dita puts a huge vibrator between Lex’s legs and ties it so that it is tight against her panties. Dita loves to have her feet and shoes clean, to have them cleaned with her tongue, Lex has no choice but to clean her boots and bare feet if he wants to have any chance of escape, it will depend on how well he does it that his punishment will be less harsh. Dita will be playing with Lex for quite a while… Finally she will take some dirty and sweaty socks that she has stored and put them in her mouth, and with adhesive tape she will wrap them around her so that she can’t take them off. When Dita gets tired of the punishment, she’ll use Lex as a footrest while she watches a movie in a relaxed way. What a long erasmus awaits Lex, in Russia she was calmer.

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