Lex gets revenge on bully, duct tape and feet in face

Lex prepares for his revenge against Tenjou, the girl who bullied him at school as a teen, he knows where she lives and has the opportunity to take revenge.

Tenjou is working in her office, when Lex enters her house and attacks her from behind, he grabs her arms and quickly ties her hands behind her back with duct tape, Tenjou doesn’t know who she is, she tries to ask for help, but Lex covers her mouth with his hand and takes her to his place.

When they arrive at Lex’s place, she throws Tenjou on the floor and gags her with a handkerchief tightly in her mouth and aggressively gags her with many turns of duct tape, making a wrapgag so she can’t be heard, Tenjou only knows how to say mmmmpppghhh while drooling her tight handkerchief in her mouth.

Lex puts more tape on her chest, legs and ankles, tying her very tight, Tenjou can’t escape and tells her to get ready for her punishment, Tenjou is surprised, she still doesn’t understand anything, she thinks it’s all a mistake, she tries to get loose, but it’s useless, Lex tied her very well.

Lex comes back, takes off his sweaty sneakers and socks, and puts his feet on her face. Now you’re going to smell my feet – he says to Tenjou. He puts his number 43 foot all over his nose, so he can get a good whiff of those long, sweaty feet from all day. You remember, this is what you used to do to me when I was little – Lex says to Tenjou. Tenjou starts to remember that she is the girl she bully as a teen, she has no choice but to smell the feet, as she has them on her face and can’t escape.

After several minutes of smelling the stinky feet, Lex goes back for more tape and tapes her feet together with her mouth, making a hogtied of duct tape. He keeps putting the feet on her face for a while longer until he gets tired for the day….

Then I’ll come back to continue with you – Lex tells her, she leaves, leaving Tenjou tied on the floor, she knows she can’t do anything or try to escape, she can’t move or scream, just wait what will be her next punishment and if she will go on for long like this…



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