Lex bullying american erasmus girl

Lex is a bully in the Faculty of Dentistry, she likes to be naughty with her classmates who come from erasmus, Suji a young American girl with Asian features, is on erasmus in Barcelona. She has few days left in the city, she used to play bdsm games with Lex. She doesn’t know the last days of erasmus that awaits her with Lex…

She wants to take advantage of the last days with her partner and play with Suji if or if, who prefers to be quiet watching a movie, Lex insists and grabs her and pulls her to the ground, takes her ropes and ties Suji’s hands behind her back, she has no escape. Suji asks to be released and Lex gags her with a red ballgag covering her mouth. Lex loves to tighten his ropes and make his victims move as little as possible, he ties a lot of rope around her arms, making a good strappado, Suji is trapped in the ropes, no matter how hard she fights, she knows she can’t escape, Lex laughs and enjoys the game, then he ties Suji’s soft legs, He wants more rope, he ties her ankles together behind her back, making a beautiful tight hogtied, taking advantage of the flexibility that Suji has, if it is not tight, she could escape, Suji every time she moves she notices how the ropes get tighter and she knows it is impossible to escape or move.

To make the game more pleasurable, Lex picks up a vibrator and uses it on Suji for a little while.

Lex loves to have his feet and shoes cleaned, to have them cleaned with his tongue, Suji has no choice but to clean his shoes with his tongue and bare feet if he wants to have any chance of escape, how well he does this will depend on how much less rough the game is. Lex will be humiliating Suji until he sees that he has clean shoes and feet….

Finally he will take some socks he has in his stash and stuff them in his mouth, deep and tight, with pink duct tape wrapped around his head several times so he can’t take them off.

When Lex gets tired of the game, he will use Suji as a footrest while he watches a movie in a relaxed way. What last days of erasmus await Suji...



18 min / 1,3 GB

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